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Gosport, Hampshire, in the mid-1930s

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Missing numbers in streets may be due to the house being empty at the time the revision was made, or let in weekly tenements, or that the information was refused

Hobb's Passage
Clarence Road
Clarence Square
Sarah's Place

North Street

Sea Horse Street
Gilbert's Yard
Rodney's Yard
Neal's Court
Black Lion Yard
Burnham's Place
Weevil Lane
St Matthew's Square
Mount Street
Hobbs's Yard
King Street

York Street
Kent's Place
Peachey's Lane
Brewhouse Yard
North Cross Street

Black Bear Yard
King's Arm Passages
The Green
Hyslop Place
Sweet's Row

Market Row
Bevis Square
Bemister's Lane
Harbour Road
Washhouse Yard
The Hard

High Street

Church Path
Robert's Lane
Chapel Row
Chapel Lane
Harlem Place
Chapel Street
New Road
Richard's Terrace
Little Beach Street
Haslar Row
Haslar Street
Haslar Road

Gunboat Yard
Clayhall Road
The Haven
Waterloo Road
St Mark's Place
St Mark's Road
Stokes Bay
Eastern Terrace
Ellachie Road
Ellachie Gardens
Monckton Road
Western Way

Jellicoe Avenue (in the 1950s)

Bury Hall Lane
Ashburton Road
Village Road
Coward Road
Paget Road
Anglesey Road

Crescent Road
Church Road

Little Lane
Green Road

Oval Gardens
Burney Road

Lamb's Court
Little Anglesey Road
St Mary's Avenue
Beechcroft Road
Testcombe Road
Bentham Road
Alecto Road
St Valerie Road
Park Road
Alver Road

Walpole Terrace
Anglesey View
Prince Alfred Street
Brodrick Avenue
Beech Grove
Foster Road
Linden Grove

Stoke Road

Station Approach
Cleveland Road
Stone Lane
Victoria Place
Molesworth Road
Kensington Road
Shaftesbury Road
Woodley Road
Woodstock Road

St Edwards Road

Cranbourne Road
Willis Road
Charles Street
Henry Street
Joseph Street
Spring Garden Lane

Grove Avenue
Peel Road
Queen's Road

Albert Street
Railway View

Brougham Street
Lees Lane
Lavinia Road
Gordon Road

Whitworth Road
The Crossways
San Diego Road

Welch Road
Brighton Avenue
Station Road
Military Road

Grange Lane
Rowner Lane
Wych Lane
Brewers Lane

Camp Road
Manor Way
Portsmouth Road
Wootton Road
Studland Road


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