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Gosport's Hall of Fame

Gosport celebrities past and present





Richard (Dickie) Dawson was born Colin Emm in Gosport and lived in Durley Road and Queens Road.  At 14 he joined the Merchant Navy and took up boxing during his three-year stint.  Back in Gosport he worked as a conductor on Provincial buses.  Remembered by most for Hogan's Heroes (Cpl Peter Newkirk).    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Dawson


Diana Dors was a regular visitor to Gosport up until her death in 1984.  Her connections with Gosport were the family of Colin Emm, whom she married in 1959 and was divorced from in 1967. www.dianadors.co.uk


Nat Gonella, jazz singer and musician who moved to Gosport in 1977 and lived in Clayhall Road with his wife.  Raglan House in Gordon Road was his home in his later years.  He died in 1998.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nat_Gonella


Joe Jackson, the singer-songwriter, moved, reluctantly, to Gosport from Paulsgrove with his family when he was a teenager and lived in Meadow Walk and Shaftesbury Road.  He started writing songs at age 11 and perhaps is best remembered for "Is She Really Going Out With Him" and "It's Different For Girls".       www.joejackson.com


Peter O'Flaherty, the bass guitarist with Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, was born and brought up in Gosport (The Crossways), and went to St Mary's School in Anns Hill Road. From 1963 to 1973 before, during and after the Dupree years he lived above Hugs the Jewellers in the High Street.  In 1973 he emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, where he still lives.  Before finding fame with the Big Sound he played in local Gosport band The Classics. 


Tony Ransley, the drummer with Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, was born and brought up in Gosport.  After pop fame he ran a gents hairdressing salon in Brockhurst Road Gosport. Believed to be now living in the Stubbington area.  Before the Big Sound he played in local Gosport band The Classics along with Peter O'Flaherty.   


Phil Shulman,  vocalist, sax and trumpet player with Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, was born in Glasgow but moved to Portsmouth early in his life.  During the Dupree years he lived in Portsmouth, as did his brothers Ray and Derek (Simon Dupree).  After leaving Gentle Giant, which the Shulmans formed after the Big Sound, Phil went back to teaching, and then ran the Rainbow's End gift shop in Stoke Road Gosport with his wife.  Now retired and living in Hardway.  For more about the Shulmans and Gentle Giant visit blazemonger  www.blazemonger.com/GG


Mike Hugg (Hug) hails from Gosport and was the drummer with Manfred Mann, and the co-founder of the group.  He co-wrote the hit single 5-4-3-2-1, which was also the theme tune for Ready Steady Go.  He had a hit single under the name Highly Likely with the theme song for Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads sitcom (What Happened To You). 

In 1972 he wrote and sang Blue Suede Shoes Again.  The Village Home pub in Alverstoke gets a mention.  Listen to it on Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DjCeug46No    Still touring with The Manfreds.   www.themanfreds.com


Marcus Patric, actor.  Gosport born and bred and bred Marcus (Patrick Gosling) starred in Hollyoaks and Echo Beach.  Winner of 71 Degrees North.  https://peoplepill.com/people/marcus-patric


George Costigan, actor.  TV: Widows, So Haunt Me, The Long Firm, See No Evil, Emmerdale, Happy Valley.  Films: Rita Sue and Bob Too, The Hawk, Calendar Girls.  George's parents followed his career from their home in Forton Road.  website link to IMDB


Diane Keen lived and went to school in Gosport.  Cuckoo Waltz (TV sitcom), 1975, film Nowhere in Africa, 2001, BBC's Doctors.  website link to BBC page


Keith Allen lived in Gosport while his naval father was based in the area and went to Brune Park school.  Martin Chuzzlewit (TV series 1994), Bodies (TV 2004), Robin Hood (TV 2009 - Sheriff of Nottingham).  Gosport and Brune Park are mentioned in his biography Grow Up.   website link to IMDB


Ian Bartholomew was brought up in Gosport and went to Brune Park School.   Harry, Without Motive, Coronation Street, and plenty of theatre.   www.ianbartholomew.net   and   website link to IMDB


Wally Barnes was a promising boxer as a boy in Gosport in the 1930s, but he chose football and went on to play for Southampton and Arsenal (FA Cup winning side 1950), and internationally for Wales.


Roger Black, the former world champion 400-metre runner, was brought up in Gosport, the son of a doctor, and now runs a motivational company as well as TV presenting.  www.rogerblack.co.uk/


Trevor Jesty is another well-known sporting name from Gosport.  Trevor played cricket for England, and Hampshire amongst other counties.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevor_Jesty


Alex Thomson, the round-the-world sailor is based in Gosport facebook.com/AlexThomsonRacing


Lilian Harry, author, born and bred in Gosport, and some of her wartime romantic novels are set in Portsmouth.  Lilian now lives in Dartmoor.  The Girls They Left Behind, PS I Love You, Wives and Sweethearts, to name but a few of her books.  www.lilianharry.uk


Philippa Gregory, author Wideacre, A Respectable Trade, The Other Boleyn Girl, The White Queen et al.  Philippa was a reporter for the Portsmouth News in the early 1980s and was based in the Gosport branch office in the High Street.  Her byline in those days was Pippa Gregory.  www.philippagregory.com





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