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Domesday Book entry for Alverstoke (Alwarestoch)

"The land of the Bishop of Winchester"

The bishop himself holds ALVERSTOKE.  It always belonged to the monastery.  TRE it was assessed at 16 hides; and King Edward allowed that it should be [assessed] at 10 hides, and it is so now.  Villans held it and hold it.  There are 48 villans with 15 ploughs.  There is woodland for 2 pigs.  There is land for 15 ploughs.  It is and was always worth £6.  Of the land of the same manor 1 knight holds half a hide, which paid geld with the other hides.  Sświne held it, but could not go where he pleased.  There is 1 plough with 2 bordars.  It is worth 25s.



"Bordar" - a cottager: a peasant of lower economic status than a "villan". 

"Villan" - a peasant of higher economic status than a "bordar" and living in a village.  Notionally unfree because subject to the manorial court.

"Hide" - the standard unit of assessment to tax, especially "geld".  Notionally the amount of land which would support a household: divided into four "virgates" ("Virgate" - one-quarter of a "hide", the equivalent of the English "yardland".)

"Geld" - the English land-tax assessed on the "hide".

"Manor" - an estate, varying in size; the estate-centre as opposed to the outlying "Berewicks" ("Berewick" - an outlying estate, or an estate devoted to some specialized function.)

"TRE" - the formula commonly used in the Domesday Book to indicate the position 'in the time of King Edward', i.e. before the Conquest in 1066.

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