2 Shaftesbury Road, Gosport

built c. 1880 and known as Temple House for 70 years

   "A piece of Land in Shaftesbury Road Stoke Road in the Parish of Alverstoke Hants" was sold to bricklayer Stephen Caplin in 1880 by Sarah F. Elliott, Thomas R. McCoy and Richard W. F. Carter.

The land had been vested in Sarah Foster Elliott of Bury in the Parish of Alverstoke, Thomas Robert McCoy, a retired army captain, of Southsea in the Parish of Portsea and Richard William Foster Carter, a surgeon, of Dunster in the County of Somerset, formerly of Bury, under the wills of William Foster Carter of Bury in the Parish of Alverstoke, who died in December 1870, and The Revd Richard Foster Carter of Rowner, who died in January 1876.

The land was part of a close called Bunches Mead and situated on the west side of a new road called Shaftesbury Road.  On this land Stephen Caplin built no. 2 Shaftesbury Road, known as Temple House. 

The land was bounded on the west by the private road of Frederick Dolman, and on the south by more land and premises of Mr Caplin.

Harry Webb bought a plot from Mr Caplin, in 1880, on which no. 4 Shaftesbury Road was built.  A larger part of Mr Caplin's land, adjacent on the south to Mr Webb's, was sold to James Stone, also in 1880.  Nos. 6 to 14 were built on this land.  [There were just four houses, nos. 16-22, in the road in 1865, according to the archives of Christ Church.  Beyond that, to the south, was open country down to the creek.  The road was then a short cul-de-sac but was opened up in 1872 with the erection of Shaftesbury Terrace.]

Mr Webb bought Temple House from Stephen Caplin's widow, Edith, in 1898.  Mr Webb continued to live at no. 4 but was living in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight by the time he sold no. 2 in 1919 to tenant Sydney Barnard Smith.

In 1935 Mr Smith sold the property to The Reverend Harry George Long of Archer Road in Eastleigh.  Mr Long lived at Shaftesbury Road for two years until selling in 1937 to Lily Carlotta Pink of 28 Bury Road.  Miss Pink let the house and continued to live in Bury Road.  She died in 1949.  The property was sold in 1951 to Frederick Mills and stayed in the family for 60 years.

In 2013 the house and garden were transformed into "Temple Mews".


Any famous connections for Shaftesbury Road?

singer-songwriter Joe Jackson (Is she really going out with him?) lived there when he was a teenager, somewhere around the middle of the street.


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